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The Story of
Don Geronimo

Don Geronimo was born in 1945 in Germany.
About 30 years ago (today 2023) he was drawn by wanderlust to Costa Rica, where he still lives and produces coffee. The passion for roasting coffee has always been in his blood. As a trainedmechanical engineer, so also his inventive spirit. Just this inventor in him moved in addition excellente coffees to make even better according to its principle. Precisely, through the craft of roasting. But roasting alone was not enough. This process of processing also had to be further optimized and improved. After more than 15 years, he succeeded in achieving what he called the "perfect result".
He called it "Sin Bibo Pur" A completely new process to produce coffee by the way of roasting.

What we do

Currently we are
selling organic food


Discover the exquisite taste of Don Geronimo coffee beans- the high quality coffee from Costa Rica. Our beans are of unparalleled quality and offer an unforgettable coffee experience that cannot be compared to less expensive varieties.
In the picturesque mountains of Costa Rica, where our coffee thrives, our beans are carefully grown and hand-picked by experienced farmers. Only the best cherries are selected to ensure that every cup of Don Geronimo coffee promises the highest level of enjoyment.
Our coffee is characterized by its full-bodied flavor, smooth acidity and rich aroma. Each cup is a true delight for the senses, a moment of relaxation and pure enjoyment.
What sets Don Geronimo coffee beans apart from other coffees is the attention to detail that goes into every step of coffee production. Our beans are gently roasted to bring out the full aroma and achieve exceptional depth of flavor.
At Don Geronimo, we value sustainability and support our local coffee farmers. Through fair trade practices, we not only support their livelihoods, but also help preserve Costa Rica's unique natural environment.
Indulge in a cup of Don Geronimo coffee beans and discover the unparalleled quality that makes our coffee special. Immerse yourself in a taste that will take you on a journey through the lush plantations of Costa Rica.
Experience the difference that Don Geronimo coffee beans offer - a coffee that makes every moment a true pleasure. Discover the high quality and passion that goes into every cup. Treat yourself to the best, treat yourself to Don Geronimo coffee beans. (C). By jörgip

Our way of working

  • We at Don Geronimo Coffee Beans have made it our mission to offer the world first class coffee beans with organic quality. On our own farms we produce excellent coffee beans from our own production. Our beans are of course Fairtrade collected by experienced harvesters. Our seasonal harvesters are always paid above collectively agreed wages and their children and families participate in our organized education programs.

  • After harvesting, our highly exclusive coffee beans are sorted and freed from impurities, foreign matter and bad cherries. Then they are laid out for natural outdoor drying for 16 days.

  • Our very speciality is to offer our customers besides the raw beans also roasted beans ready packed. This roasting is carried out according to an in-house and patented special process called "Sin Bibo Pur" in Costa Rica. You will taste the difference.

  • In order to meet our very high quality standards, we test the quality of the beans not only at harvest but also after roasting according to international SCA scoring procedures. Thus, we ensure the best quality and customers can form their own taste judgment in advance.

  • To ship our beans as promised at the beginning to you around the world, we are very happy to take over the complete logistics to your destination. In order to calculate the costs for you, please use our contact form and send us a request with your wishes.

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